Around the Corner, Hobusepea

Around the Corner, Hobusepea 2 courtyard, Tallinn
8.03.2014 – 22.03.2014
contemporary jewellery exhibition

Hobusepea 2 courtyard was the first stop for the travelling exhibition by ten artists from GRAM studio : Kertu Tuberg, Kristiina Kibe, Linda al-Assi, Lisa Kröber, Maarja Niinemägi, Marita Lumi, Merle Kasonen, Birgit Skolimowski, Ettel Poobus and Kärt Maran.
The exhibition environment aims to add new value to a beautiful, but crumbling milieu and turn attention to forgotten or yet undiscovered places, ideas and environments. Hobusepea 2 building, where GRAM studio is situated, is a jewellery centre with long traditions in jewellery art, housing many different ateliers and artists.

Exhibition curated by GRAM studio
Spatial design by KAMP Architects