Around the Corner, Mardu

Around the Corner, Mardu farm, Soomaa National Park, Estonia
31.05. 2014 – 27.07.2014
contemporary jewellery exhibition

Around the Corner is a travelling exhibition, the first act of which took place during early springtime in the inner courtyard of the building at Hobusepea 2 in Tallinn’s Old Town: the location of the studio shared by the artists taking part in the exhibition. The impetus for the jewellery on display came from the time and the environment, for which it was created; from the meanings and the connections that arise through it. In addition to acquainting the works, the exhibition appreciates the thoughts yet unsaid and that, which lies undiscovered around corners. Mardu Farm is one of Soomaa’s oldest native estates, which has found fresh vitality as a catalyst of ideas for creation and design. In the more distant future, a residency and exhibition space functioning as an open studio will be opened there.

Exhibition curated by GRAM studio
Spatial design: Kamp Architects